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The Royal Hotel Harrisville

Nestled in the heart Scenic Rim, is where you will find The Royal Hotel Harrisville situated within the historic township and vibrate culture of Harrisville. The Royal Hotel Harrisville is one of Australia’s Most historical venues that dates all the way back to the 19th century.

In 1875, The Royal Hotel Harrisville was originally established as the Harrisville Inn by Margaret Wholey Dunn, whom was one of Australia’s first female licensees. The original hotel serviced the local cotton and beef industries. It was one of the earliest hotels in the region before later burning down in 1916.  After being rebuilt in 1920, the hotel has since been the source of many paranormal stories.

The Royal Hotel Harrisville has now evolved into the perfect destination for your weekend getaway or special occasion celebration.

Haunted Hotel

The ghost stories surrounding Harrisville’s Royal Hotel may be more fact than fiction after multiple paranormal activity experts visited the Royal Hotel and were surprised what they experienced. Using hi-tech equipment multiple entities revealed themselves. One entity was female who predominately was present in the restaurant and the other 2 being male with one being in the bar and the other being out the back of the kitchen.

Many staff who have worked at the pub throughout the years have had encounters that they can chat with you about when you join us a delicious pub meal or cold drink.